A bitter wind,biting, stinging like ice water ,slaps up against my face and forces me to duck my head and tighten my parka with my scarf. The fierce howling gale sends all sorts of debris sailing down the street and  into the nearby field. Pop cans skitter and bounce along with plastic containers and flower pots. Pieces of cardboard fly through the air ,then bound through the field  like tumbleweed.

Before I left the house  I checked the temperature. It registered the same as yesterday, 5 degrees above zero. The sun is shining, the same as yesterday. But there the comparison ends. Yesterday was a beautiful ,pleasant day. What a difference a day makes.

My fingers are tingling from the cold despite the gloves I am wearing. Yesterday I was bareheaded and bare handed. Today I have to shove my hands deeply into my pockets and pull the parka over my warm wooly hat.Despite the fact that I am wearing glasses my eyes are watering copiously from the stinging frigid wind.

For once I am glad that I am overweight as it is keeping me grounded and I hold on  tightly to my dog’s lead for fear he might get blown off his feet . He is struggling to sniff the wildly waving grasses and he still attempts to leave his mark despite the fact that he misses more  than he hits.

This is such a vivid picture of life. One day all seems to be as it should be. Our world is wonderful and peaceful, and we thank God for His goodness. Then, like the weather ,our circumstances change, seemingly overnight.

Unexpected health or financial  problems strike;or some other form of tragedy.

Will we thank God for His goodness today?

As with the weather, changes are inevitable, and they can be devastating. That is the common denominator of being human.

But how we take the changes is up to us. It all comes down to a matter of choice.

This is when we know  whether God is REAL to us, or just a word in the Bible.

I , for one, choose to believe and trust Him in all types of “weather”,  because He is REAL to me.


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