We Have This Moment

As we are heading down the trail I am thrilled to see tiny diamonds twinkling on the path ahead of me.

Little drops of dew clinging to the bright green blades of grass are reflecting the rays of the early morning sun, and I feel a  sense of wonder similar to that which I felt when I saw the millions of glistening diamonds in the snow.

And once again, I am reminded of the boundless blessings God pours out for our pleasure every day.

The sad part is that we are often in too much of a rush to notice the beauty God has placed on our pathway.

Life is uncertain and fragile and we have only one day at a time to enjoy the journey.

The phrase, “Stop and smell the flowers” ,is so hackneyed that it normally goes over the head of the average person. But it is possibly one of the best suggestions we could take to heart.

We don’t need to wait until retirement to take mini vacations of sight sound smell and taste.

Right now it is a time of new beginnings. Baby buds bursting out on the trees, birds busy building nests and filling the air with glorious song, golden daffodils and brightly coloured tulips  waving their heads in the breeze all join together in a paean of praise to greet the spring.

Let us join in and enjoy it while we can.



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