The sun is a huge brilliant ball of  yellow,nearly blinding the eyes as it bursts above the horizon.This is a unique experience for me , because I never get up early enough to see this amazing phenomenon, let alone be walking my dog at this uneartlhy hour of the day.

A single raucous “caw” breaks the silence, otherwise it is perfectly still.

Where are all the other birds I wonder?  Did they  sleep in this morning?

It is quite a shock  to the system when one is only half awake, to be greeted by a frigid windchill of -13 degrees. We have been spoiled with all of our summer- like weather. But the sun is warm and gradually begins to subdue the chill, turning it into what promises to be a lovely  day.

I notice that the birds are beginning to tune up  for a salutation to the Dawn, and in place of my initial grumpiness at having to be up so early, a sense of thanksgiving arises in my heart, and I begin to thank God. I thank Him for this new experience and I also thank Him because I am walking without pain. It t is a great day to be alive!


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